List of External Temporary Storage Facilities (ETSF) in the UK

Last updated:
12 February 2015
An External Temporary Storage Facility - ETSF (formerly known as Enhanced Remote Transit Sheds – ERTS) is a warehouse designated by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), where goods are temporarily stored pending clearance by HMRC, and prior to release into free circulation.

Although port health authorities/local authorities with a point of entry provide the first line of control to ensure imported food is safe to eat, it is important that local authorities ensure imported food controls are also in place in ETSF, as significant amounts of imported food not of animal origin will not have been subject to checks at points of entry, and there is a possibility that products of animal origin may have entered the UK illegally.

ETSF can be found across the UK, and an updated list can be found below.

For further information please refer to Annex 12 of the Food Law Practice Guidance and the resource pack for inland enforcement of imported food and feed control.