Guidance to local authorities on food brokers

Last updated:
5 April 2016
The Guidance to local authorities on food brokers, should help officers make assessments about the identification, registration, recording and inspection of food brokers. It also provides clarification on the distinction between brokers and agents.

Guidance to local authorities on food brokers

Food brokers play an important role in the food supply and distribution network. The horsemeat incident in 2013 ‘exposed’ the complexity of supply chains and identified a lack of clarity in this area.

The guidance has been designed to provide a range of useful documents for officers, such as Inspection aide-memoir, case studies, questionnaire and practical ways in which LA’s can identify unregistered food brokers operating in their area.

The document entitled ‘Food broker guidance annexes E to G’ contains the Questionnaire for food brokers and example letters in word format so that at you are able to add your Local Authority details.  

The FSA is also producing a short fact sheet for food brokers to help food brokers understand their obligations under food law including the need to register as a food business and identifies further sources of information