Official Feed and Food Controls regulation: Guidance for enforcement authorities

Last updated:
18 May 2010
Q&A notes for enforcement authorities on the new EU Regulation on official feed and food controls (882/2004).

Regulation 882/2004 sets out general requirements for the regulatory authorities that are responsible for checking that businesses comply with feed and food legislation. The Q&A notes, first published in November 2005, are designed to explain the provisions of the Regulation and to provide informal and non-statutory advice. They are aimed primarily at the enforcement authorities in the UK, but may also provide useful information for the feed and food industries, and for consumers.

No substantive changes have been made to the notes since they were last revised in 2006 but references to legislation, guidance and weblinks have been updated. The notes will be kept under review and updated as necessary.

From 25 January 2010 imports of certain feed and food of non-animal origin, from certain non-EU countries, that are considered to be 'high-risk' can only enter the UK through specific ports and airports approved as designated points of entry (DPEs) where official controls will be carried out. A 'high-risk' product is feed or food that is either a known, or an emerging, risk to public health. This may be due to the presence of contaminants and/or undesirable substances such as aflatoxins, Sudan dyes, heavy metals or pesticides. Further information for business operators can be found at the link below.

The Agency has published guidance for enforcement officers on Regulation (EC) No. 669/2009 (as amended) regarding the increased levels of official controls on imports of certain feed and food of non-animal origin and amending Decision 2006/504/EC. You can read the guidance at the link below.

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