Enforcement data 2011/12

Official controls of foodstuffs data and detailed statistics for 2011/12.

The data is also available in CSV format. A summary of results can be found in the FSA Board paper from November 2012.

Number of professional Food Hygiene and Food Standards FTE (Full time equivalent) posts reported in LAEMS 2011/12

Important note

In submitting this data local authorities are advised that the numbers of FTE posts provided should reflect the actual proportion of time spent by professional and administrative staff on food hygiene and/or food standard issues. There is, however, no prescriptive guidance given on exactly how that time should be determined and the FSA recognises that figures supplied will often be ‘educated estimates’.

The FSA is aware that local authorities calculate the proportion of time using a variety of different methods which means that the validity of making direct local authority to local authority comparisons is limited and any conclusions drawn from doing so must be treated with caution. It is for this reason, that the FSA uses the data only in a generic way to compare year on year figures to look at overall trends in the number of FTEs in local authority food law enforcement services across the UK or in individual countries.

In light of the above, if you intend to use the FTE data for comparison of individual local authorities, we would advise strongly that you contact each authority directly to discuss how their estimates were derived. This will also provide an opportunity to ensure that the data you have is up-to-date.