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Consultation on the review of the Kitchenware (Condition of Imports from China) Regulations 2011

The Food Standards Agency is carrying out a post implementation review of the Kitchenware (Conditions on Imports from China) Regulations 2011. Details of the review are available in a draft report.

The Plastic Kitchenware (Conditions on Imports from China) Regulations 2011 provide for the execution and enforcement of European Commission Regulation (EU) No. 284/2011 which lays down specific conditions and detailed procedures for the import of polyamide and melamine plastic kitchenware originating in or consigned from the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region, China.

We would particularly welcome comments and supporting evidence in respect of any cost implications that may have arisen from the implementation of these Regulations.

In particular we would welcome comments on:

  • The assessment of the extent to which the objectives of the Regulations are being achieved. (Question 1)
  • Whether there are any areas of the UK implementation for the Kitchenware Regulations that could be improved to reduce burdens on UK businesses? (Question 2)
  • The enforcement of these Regulations? (Question 3)
  • Burdens/costs to importers and retailers that may not have been identified in the report. (Question 4)
  • The assessment of how these Regulations are executed in other member states. (Question 5).
  • Any other comments you may wish to make.