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Guidance on the testing of milk for antibiotic residues

Updated guidance on the testing of milk for antibiotic residues has been published after a routine review.

The review took into account the recommendations made following the European Commission Food and Veterinary Office audit of official controls related to the milk and dairy sector. The audit took place in April 2013.

Summary of changes

The guidance is intended for all interested parties along the milk production chain including farmers, milk purchasers and processors, and the enforcement authorities and provides advice which will help with compliance with the Regulations in regard to antibiotic residues in milk and dairy products.

The main changes to the guidance are:

  • updated references to the Regulations where these have changed or been updated
  • reporting of 'adverse events', eg where antibiotic test failures have occurred after the withdrawal period
  • clarification of the need for testing of milk from road tankers prior to use of milk in processing establishments
  • clarification of what food business operators need to report to their Competent Authority, eg where milk is tested and failures occur
  • clarity on the sampling and testing frequency and the need for sampling frequencies to be determined on a risk basis

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