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Call to evidence: Front-of-pack nutrition labelling

Northern Ireland specific
We are seeking views and evidence from consumers and industry on the current UK ‘multiple traffic light’ label as part of a four-nation consultation.

Front-of-pack nutrition labelling has been recognised as an important tool to support consumers to better understand the nutrient content of their food and drink. In Northern Ireland, the FSA leads the current front-of-pack nutritional labelling scheme. In order to ensure the scheme continues to meet the needs of consumers and is based on the best evidence, the FSA in NI is encouraging responses to the Front-of-pack nutrition labelling consultation.  

This consultation is part of a comprehensive package of measures to help tackle obesity across the UK and the consultation document can be found here 

The multiple traffic light label is a colour coded nutrition label which shows at a glance whether a product is high (red), medium (amber), or low (green) in fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt, in addition to providing information on calories. This label was developed to enable industry to adopt one consistent front of pack nutrition label for the UK market and to provide the UK population with consistent labelling information. In the seven years since the multiple traffic light was recommended, the effectiveness of front of pack nutritional labelling schemes have continued to develop and several new forms of front of pack nutrition labels have been implemented in other countries. 

We want to learn how the multiple traffic light label is used by consumers and industry and gather views and evidence on the international front of pack nutrition labels currently being used.