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Campylobacter levels hold steady

Major retailers publish April - June 2018 campylobacter results for fresh shop-bought UK-produced chickens.
13 September 2018

Publication of survey of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria in chicken and pork

We have today published the results of a survey we commissioned to assess the amount of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria in fresh pork mince and fresh and frozen chicken on sale in shops in the UK. These findings will help to establish a baseline of the occurrence, types and levels of AMR in bacteria found in these UK retail meats which will inform future surveillance on AMR in these foods.
5 September 2018

2017 Annual Report on UK Multi-Annual National Control Plan published

The FSA has published its annual report on progress towards implementation of the UK Multi-Annual National Control Plan. The report, which is based on data collected for 2017, shows that overall level of compliance in all sectors in the UK was satisfactory when assessed against expectations.
30 August 2018

Bank holiday barbecue checklist

With an estimated 33 million people planning to have a barbecue over the bank holiday weekend come rain or shine, we are providing some top tips to help prevent food poisoning.
22 August 2018

Public Attitudes Tracker survey results published

The FSA’s Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker (May 2018) results have been published today. We conduct this tracking survey with consumers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, to monitor changes in consumer attitudes towards food-related issues and the FSA.
1 August 2018

FSA trials first use of blockchain

The Food Standards Agency has successfully completed a pilot using blockchain technology in a cattle slaughterhouse. It's the first time blockchain has been used as a regulatory tool to ensure compliance in the food sector.
2 July 2018

Science Council meets in London

Our independent Science Council met in London this week as we work towards putting science at the heart of everything we do.
29 June 2018