Banham Poultry and Akeso Biomedical trial a feed additive to control campylobacter infection

Last updated:
8 September 2015
The partnership between the companies is aiming to develop a feed additive for poultry using Akeso's Fe3C technology. The Fe3C technology was discovered at the University of Nottingham by Dr. Mahdavi, and Professors Soultanas and Ala'Aldeen, and prevents the binding of Campylobacter to the chicken’s GI tract and subsequent infection.

Initial trials with the feed additives began in April. In preliminary studies, TYPLEX™ and Q-PLEX™ feed additives both dramatically reduced infection levels in chicken when the compounds were added to the diets and fed throughout the duration of the trial. Furthermore, these additives also provided improvements in feed conversion ratio and weight gain. 

Further studies are expected later in the year. As part of the development process Banham Poultry will evaluate the feed additives in commercial trials.