Kitchen Check resources for stakeholders

The theme for Food Safety Week 2013 is Kitchen Check. During 10-16 June 2013 we will be encouraging consumers to re-assess their existing food behaviours in their home kitchens by completing our Kitchen Check on paper or online. We will be publishing the Food Safety Week resources here in the coming weeks to help support local activity.

Kitchen Check leaflet and poster

The Kitchen Check leaflet encourages consumers to complete a self check and measure their behaviour against good practice. The leaflet also includes some top tips to help consumers improve their food safety habits.

Below are PDF versions of the leaflet and poster.

Young people's resources

The Agency has produced Kitchen Check activities for young people to use at home, online or in an organised setting such as with a childminder or at community group.

The activity pack, which includes an instructions and an answer sheet is below.

Printed resources

Hard copies of the leaflets are available from our publication order line on 0845 606 0667, or by email:, using the following codes:

FSA/1678/0513 FSW Kitchen Check leaflet (FSA UK logo)
FSA/1679/0513 FSW Kitchen Check leaflet (Bilingual Welsh/English language)
FSA/1680/0513 FSW Kitchen Check leaflet (FSA Scotland logo)
FSA/1681/0513 FSW Kitchen Check leaflet (FSA N.I. logo)
FSA/1682/0513 FSA Kitchen Check A4 poster (FSA UK logo)
FSA/1683/0513 FSA Kitchen Check A4 poster (Bilingual Welsh/English language)
FSA/1684/0513 FSA Kitchen Check A4 poster (FSA Scotland logo)
FSA/1685/0513 FSA Kitchen Check A4 poster (FSA N.I. logo)

Orders will be dispatched from week commencing 13 May onwards. Please allow three to five working days for delivery.

Kitchen Check web banner

We have designed a Kitchen Check banner for stakeholders to use on their websites. The image can be used to link through to the Kitchen Check homepage once it goes live on 10 June 2013.

To download this image, open the link below, then right click on the image and select 'save as'.

Kitchen check banner

Press release and survey

The Agency's Food Safety Week 2013 press release, which includes a full table of results from the survey carried out by by Censuswide on behalf of the FSA between Monday 3 May and Thursday 9 May 2013, is available below.