The Animal Feed (Basic Safety Standards) (England) Regulations 2018

Last updated:
27 September 2017
The Food Standards Agency is asking for comments on the draft Animal Feed (Basic Safety Standards) (England) Regulations 2018.

About this consultation

Who will this consultation be of most interest to?
Producers and users of animal feedingstuffs in England. Enforcement officers responsible for the enforcement of the Regulations in this sector.

What is the subject of this consultation?
The making of Regulations to transpose into English law the provisions of a revised EU Basic Safety Standards Directive laying down basic safety standards for the protection against the dangers arising from exposure to ionising radiation as it applies to animal feed.  In particular:

  • prohibit the intentional addition of radioactive substances in the production of animal feedingstuffs;
  • prohibit the import or export of animal feedingstuffs to which radioactive substances have been intentionally added during production; and
  • provide the accompanying enforcement powers to deal with non-compliance.

What is the purpose of this consultation?
To give stakeholders the opportunity to comment on the draft Regulations and to ascertain whether our assumption that the introduction of the Regulations will be cost-neutral is correct.

All comments and views should be sent to

Mandy Jumnoodoo

Division/Branch Animal Feed, TSEs and Animal By-products Branch1st Floor
Aviation House
125 Kingsway, London,

020 7276 8468
Responses are requested by: Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Publication of response summary

Within three months of a consultation ending we aim to publish a summary of responses received and provide a link to it from this page.

In accordance with the FSA principle of openness we shall keep a copy of the completed consultation and responses, to be made available to the public on request. The summary of responses may include personal data, such as your full name. Disclosure of any other personal data would be made only upon request for the full consultation responses. If you do not want this information to be released, please complete and return the Publication of Personal Data Form. Return of this form does not mean that we will treat your response to the consultation as confidential, just your personal data.

Further information

This consultation has been prepared in accordance with HM Government Consultation Principles. If an Impact Assessment has been produced, this is included in the consultation documents. If no Impact Assessment has been provided, the reason will be given in the consultation document.