Food chain information and equines for slaughter for human consumption

A proposal consulted on in 2014 has resulted in a new requirement: a model food chain information document for horses, ponies and donkeys (these animals are collectively known as equines) must be used to provide relevant information to food business operators at slaughterhouses.

The resulting requirement and model document

Read the requirement and use the model document

The original proposal

What we asked:

View were sought on:

  • the introduction of a requirement for food chain information to accompany equines for slaughter for human consumption
  • the form that the FCI document should take

A copy of the proposed model document can be found in Annex B to the consultation letter at the link towards the end of this page. The letter gives more information about the proposal.

We invited comments on whether there might be any other additional costs associated with the proposal, and asked for detailed information and data for us to monetise any other costs that might result have resulted as direct impact of the proposal.

The consultation ended 13 June 2014.

Government regulatory initiative that applies:

Accountability for Regulator Impact initiative. More information about this initiative can be found via the link below.

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