Impact of mandatory display of food hygiene ratings in England

Last updated:
21 December 2015
As highlighted in the FSA’s strategy for 2015-2020, we favour extending mandatory display of food hygiene ratings at food outlets to England. We are currently gathering evidence to inform the case we will present to the Government for consideration. We are also developing an impact assessment (IA) setting out the costs and potential benefits of introducing a statutory scheme.

We want your views

We are seeking views on the initial draft of an IA exploring the costs and benefits of introducing the legislation that would be necessary to make the display of ratings at food outlets in England mandatory. The draft IA can be found at the link further down this page.

The background sections of the IA outline the rationale for putting the FHRS on a statutory footing in England and summarise the evidence that we have collected so far to inform the case for the Government’s consideration.

The IA also includes our initial assessment of the costs and benefits for consumers, for food businesses, for local authorities, and for the FSA.


Responses are requested by Friday 5 February 2016.

Your early input will help inform our evidence for the Government’s consideration.  Should the Government agree that there is a case, we will undertake a full public consultation on the proposed legislation and on a formal draft of the IA. We anticipate that this will take place later in 2016.  This means that there will be a further opportunity to provide your views and comments.


Claire Voller
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Catriona Stewart
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