Lead in ducks and geese proposal

Last updated:
8 January 2015
Proposal to revoke the Food Protection (Emergency Prohibitions) (Lead in Ducks and Geese) (England) Order 1992 by means of the Food Protection (Emergency Prohibitions) (Lead in Ducks and Geese) (England) (Revocation) Order 2015.

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What is being proposed and why:

The proposed Order would revoke The Food Protection (Emergency Prohibitions) (Lead in Ducks and Geese) (England) Order 1992. The FSA now considers that the risk to human health which the 1992 Order was intended to prevent is no longer present. Therefore, this Order is no longer necessary and can be revoked.

The original 1992 Order was directed at banning the movement of any poultry or feeding stuff from a particular farm.  The Order prohibited the movement from this single designated farm of drakes, ducks, ganders and geese and any meat or other product derived from those birds or any feeding stuffs for animals intended for human consumption derived from those birds.

What area the proposal applies to:

  • animal feed
  • contaminants
  • food law, monitoring and controls
  • hygiene and food safety

Impact on businesses and enforcement authorities

The FSA expects that the impact on both enforcement authorities and businesses of the proposed revocation will be negligible.

A two-week consultation period is being held to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to comment on this proposal.  The revocation of 1992 Order is considered by the FSA to be beneficial as it entails the removal of redundant and out-of-date legislation and non-controversial in terms of food safety.

We have not produced an Impact Assessment for this proposal, as we believe the impact to be negligible.  If, however, the consultation should bring to light any impact on enforcement bodies or industry, or any unanticipated concerns to consumer health, we will reconsider the need for an Impact Assessment and further consultation.


Responses are required by close on Thursday 22 January 2015.

Please state in your response, whether you are responding as a private individual or on behalf of an organisation/company (including details of any stakeholders your organisation represents).


Your comments should be emailed to Raj Pal at: raj.pal@foodstandard.gsi.gov.uk. He can also be contacted on 0207 276 8083.

If you have any questions or additional comments on the proposal, please contact email Nasreen Shah at nasreen.shah@foodstandards.gsi.gov.uk

Government regulatory initiative that applies:

  • Red Tape Challenge

The Red Tape Challenge initiative involves the consolidation and revocation of a number of domestic Statutory Instruments, which are no longer required for consumer protection, including the proposed revocation of the 1992 Order.

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