Proposed data sharing policy

Last updated:
24 November 2015
We are seeking your views on a proposed data sharing policy. This would mainly affect the food business operators who are the data subjects, local authorities, and other organisations that the FSA shares data with.

About the policy

The plans for implementation are at an advanced stage, having completed and taken on board comments from an internal consultation. The purpose of this consultation is to seek your views on whether you think the policy is fair and fit for purpose. The overall objective is to ensure that the controls are proportionate, weighing privacy rights with the organisation’s mandate for ensuring food safety.

The scope of the policy is all routine and ad hoc data sharing of both business information and personal information.

The consultation will allow stakeholders two weeks to provide comments on the guidance. We will publish a summary of responses after the consultation has closed. The final version of the policy will also be published online.


The policy has been drafted in consultation with the FSA’s internal legal team. There is an emphasis on putting the interests of the consumer first in considering the sharing of all business information.

This policy will form part of the FSA’s Information Governance Framework, and will be a major step forward to streamline the governance of the many data flows coming in and out of the organisation. This has become increasingly important due to the UK government mandate for increased data sharing to unlock the social value in the information we hold.

The policy aims to make the way that the FSA shares information, streamlined, prolific, and fair. There will be further checks in place to ensure that all sharing is proportionate and in the public interest as the aim is to stimulate further research in public health, food safety, and animal health.


Please tell us what you think:

  • Would you be happy with your data being processed in the way laid out in the policy?
  • Do you feel the policy is fair and fit for purpose?
  • Do you feel the policy will help with research and development in the areas of food safety and public health?
  • Do you feel the policy strikes the right balance between privacy and the need for research and development?


The deadline for comments is 5pm, Monday 7 December 2015.


Comments should emailed to Erin Francis Long at