Views wanted on food brokers factsheet

Last updated:
22 March 2016
We want your views on a draft factsheet for helping food brokers understand their obligations under food law – this includes the need to register as a food business – and gives brokers further sources of information. We would also like your views on a draft question and answer document.

About the draft advice

The draft factsheet and question and answer document, which can both be found at the links below, have been developed because food brokers play an important role in the food supply and distribution network, but the horse meat incident in 2013 ‘exposed’ the complexity of supply chains and identified a lack of clarity in this area. 

We would welcome any feedback you may have, and in particular whether you found:

  1. The distinction between brokers and agents clear?
  2. The factsheet clear and succinct enough?
  3. The provision of the Q&A document helpful?

The draft factsheet aims to help food brokers understand their obligations under food law. The draft question and answer document provides more information depth and provides some good practice advice which businesses may wish to consider as part of their due diligence systems.


The deadline for submitting feedback to the FSA is Tuesday 17 May 2016.


Feedback should be emailed to