Views wanted on safety guidance for food sold over the internet

Last updated:
7 September 2016
The FSA has produced a number of draft guidance products designed to increase the safety of food sold over the internet. We welcome your feedback before they are formally launched. Publications cover consumer advice for buying food online, advice to businesses selling food online, guidance for local authorities and Q&A.

Advice for buying food online – This guidance is aimed at consumers; giving practical advice about how to purchase food online safely.

Advice to businesses selling food online – This guide will support businesses who sell food online by giving safety advice and by outlining how to comply with the law.

Selling and buying food online: questions and answers – This document supports the advice to businesses by giving further information and answering common questions.

Food sold online - guidance for local authorities – This document will support Trading Standards and Environmental Health Officers when working with food sold over the internet.

Deadline for feedback

The deadline for comments was 14 October 2016.