FSA Chairman Heather Hancock pledges a good relationship with businesses

Last updated:
16 June 2017
Heather Hancock
Last week Heather Hancock, Chairman of the FSA gave the annual lecture at the Campden BRI Day. Heather talked about the FSA’s intention to build closer relationships with the food and drink industry, addressing an audience of people who work in the food and drink industry and who provide it with scientific and technical services to ensure product safety, quality and process improvements.

Heather spoke about the need for good relationships to ensure a better response in times of crisis, and to help build understanding of business motivations, economics and opportunities - meaning we can deliver better targeted regulation, and work together to identify and address risks on the horizon.

She emphasised the FSA’s commitment to reinvigorating science at the heart of all we do, delivering a regulatory regime that fulfils our aspiration to be an excellent modern regulator. She shared her desire for the FSA to become more agile, showing greater leadership at home and abroad, finding a more confident voice, and sustaining genuine relationships built on trust and mutual respect with business and industry.

You can read the full lecture, or listen to it via the podcast on the Campden BRI website.