Food safety: What do you know?

How much do you really know about good food hygiene? The quiz below includes some common food safety myths – find out if you're able to separate fact from fiction.

Q1. If food looks ok and smells ok it's safe to eat  

Q2. Eating food after the 'best before' date won't hurt  

Q3. 'Use by' dates are there to make you buy more  

Q4. Stick to the 'five second rule' and you'll be ok  

Q5. Plastic chopping boards are more hygienic than wooden ones  

Q6. You don't need to wash raw chicken before you cook it  

Q7. If you've got a 'dodgy' stomach it's usually from the last thing you ate  

Q8. Most food poisoning is from 'dodgy' restaurants and takeaways  

Q9. Food poisoning isn't serious, it just means an upset stomach  

Q10. Steak's ok rare – as long as the outside is brown  

Q11. It's best to serve burgers pink in the middle  

Q12. Cooked rice can't be kept as long as other leftovers