News: Northern Ireland

FSA publishes plans for future food regulation

19 July 2017
The FSA Chairman, Heather Hancock, has today published the department's plans to change food regulation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The document called, ‘Regulating Our Future – Why food regulation needs to change and how we are going to do it’, sets out proposals to transform the way food businesses are regulated in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Food allergic consumers more confident about eating out

18 July 2017
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) welcomes new research published today, showing that people with food allergies and intolerances are more confident about eating out since allergen information rules were introduced in 2014. The study presents strong evidence that the legislation has had a positive impact and that good allergen information is good for business.

Clif Bar recalls its Clif Builders Chocolate Mint Protein Bar because of undeclared peanuts and nuts and incorrect allergen labelling

7 July 2017
Clif Bar is recalling its Builders Chocolate Mint Protein Bar as it may contain peanuts and nuts not mentioned on the label, and barley, rye, wheat and milk not correctly declared. This means it’s a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy to peanuts and/or nuts, and an allergy or intolerance to some cereals containing gluten (barley, rye, wheat), and/or milk or milk constituents.

New research on preventing the spread of norovirus

29 June 2017
FSA has published research carried out by Ipsos MORI, Food handlers and norovirus transmission: Social science insights. This study aimed to help stop the 'winter vomiting bug' norovirus from spreading, by understanding and improving food handler behaviours.

FSA publishes local authority food law enforcement data

29 June 2017
The FSA has today published interim food law enforcement data by local authorities across the UK for the year 2016/17. The information has been provided by local authorities and compiled by the FSA, and gives a detailed breakdown of food law enforcement activity.

Views wanted on Guayusa leaf by 19 July 2017

29 June 2017
A company has applied to the FSA for Guayusa leaf to be approved for use in the European Union (EU) under the simplified approval procedure. The FSA will present the company’s application dossier to the independent expert committee and views are wanted on the dossier.