Healthy catering

chef slicing food
The food we eat outside the home makes up an increasingly important part of our diet. The average person eats one in every six meals out of home and if we add in snacks and 'grab and go' food, men consume about a quarter of their calories when eating out, and women around a fifth. So, the choices we make when eating out can go a long way to help us to maintain a balanced diet.

For this reason, the Agency is working in a number of areas to help consumers make healthier choices when they eat out – whether this is in restaurants, pubs, cafés, takeaways or workplaces, or in residential settings such as care homes.

Below you can find information about healthy catering, including some practical tips on how to make foods healthier for your customers. You can also read about our progress with salt and the Agency's Caloriewise scheme via the 'See also' links.

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