Manufacturers with product ranges free from the six colours

Last updated:
31 March 2014
List of manufacturers that have product lines free from the colours associated with hyperactivity.

List of manufacturers that have product lines free from the six colours
Manufacturer Product line free from the six colours
About Foods Ltd About Foods products
Appletiser Appletiser products
Asian Asset Group Worldfoods products
Atkins and Potts Ltd Atkins and Potts products
Bernard Matthews Farms Bernard Matthews Farms products
Beyond The Bean Ltd Sweetbird products
Zuma products
Byron Bay products
Blue Keld Springs Ltd Blue Keld Springs products
Burton's Foods Burton's Foods products
Calder Millerfield Ltd Calder Millerfield products
Calypso Soft Drinks Calypso Soft Drinks products
Candyking Ltd Candyking products
Central Foods Ltd Central Foods products
Clearspring Ltd Clearspring products
Clock Tower Preserves Clock Tower Preserves
Cloetta Chewits
Cocoa Loco Cocoa Loco products
Cookfood Cookfood products
Cool Drinks company Cool Drinks company range of drinks
Cott Beverages Ltd Royal Crown (RC) Cola Drinks
Ben Shaw's Drinks
Emerge and Red Rooster Drinks
Old Jamaica Ginger Beer and Ting Drinks
Cranberry Foods Cranberry products
Butterball products
Twydale products
Dartmoor Kitchen Dartmoor Kitchen products
Tom's Pies products
Danone Danone products
Devon Rose Ltd Devon Rose products
Dorset Cereals Ltd Dorset Cereals products
ehl Limited ehl products
Elizabeth Smedley (Yorkshire) Elizabeth Smedley products
Ella’s Kitchen Ella’s Kitchen products
Essential Cuisine Essential Cuisine products
Fredericks Dairies Fredericks Dairies products
Freshpack Limited Freshpack products
Frobishers Juices Ltd Frobishers Juices products
Gadsby's of Southwell Ltd Gadsby's Bakery products
General Dietary Ltd Ener-G products
Green Bay Green Bay products
Groovy Foods Company Ltd Groovy Foods Company products
Heinz Heinz products
Weight Watchers from Heinz products
HP products
Lea & Perrins products
Henshelwood's Fine Foods Henshelwood's Fine Foods products
Higher Nature Ltd Higher Nature products
Holme Farmed Venison Holme Farmed Venison products
Jaconelli Scarborough Ltd Jaconelli Scarborough products
J & I Smith (Bakers) J & I Smith (Bakers) products
Jenny's Home Baking Jenny's Home Baking products
Kent Frozen Foods Purple Pineapple products
King of the Fills products
Lower Hurst Organic Lower Hurst Organic products
Mackenzie’s Smoked Products Mackenzie’s Smoked products
Meridian Foods Ltd Meridian foods products
Minara Foods Ltd Minara food products
Montgomeryshire Spring Water company Montgomeryshire Spring Water products
Moo Moo milk products
Morning Foods Ltd Mornflake products
Harvest Delight products
Mr Lucky Bags Ltd Mr Lucky Bags products
MRC MRC products
Muntons Muntons products
Northern Foods Fox’s biscuit products
Norvik Foods Ltd Norvik Foods products
On the Menu Ltd On the Menu products
Orexis Fresh Foods Ltd Orexis Fresh Foods products
Organix Organix Products
Paramount 21 Ltd Paramount 21 Ltd products
Payne’s Dairy Ltd Payne’s Dairy products
Pertwood Organic Cereals Co. Ltd. Pertwood Organic cereal products
Plas Farm Ltd Plas Farm products
PoleStar Foods Ltd PoleStar products
R & R Ice Cream UK Ltd R & R Ice Cream products
R & R Tofu Ltd R & R Tofu products
Raydale Preserves Raydale Preserves products
Redwood wholefoods Ltd Redwood wholefoods products
Ribblesdale Cheesemakers Ribblesdale Cheesemakers products
Richards Produce Ltd Richards Produce products
Ripon Select Foods Ltd Ripon Select Foods products
Rocks Organic Ltd Rocks Organic products
Rubicon Drinks Rubicon products
Sun Exotic products
Sandwich King Sandwich King products
Sargents Bakeries Sargents Bakeries products
Shaw Lane Cake products
Sasco Sauces Ltd Sasco Sauces products
Seafish UK Sheltie UK
Ocean Bistro
Shepherds Purse Cheeses Ltd Shepherds Purse Cheeses products
Simon Howie Food Simon Howie Foods products
2 Sisters Food Group Buxted Foods products
Stream Foods Ltd Stream Foods products
Sunny Delight Beverage Company Sunny Delight Beverage Company products
Tangerine Confectionery Butterkist
Wilkinson’s of Pontefract
Henry Goode
Anglo Bubbly
Tate & Lyle Tate & Lyle products
The Authentic Food Company Ltd The Authentic Food Company products
The Chocolate Factory The Chocolate Factory products
The Noisy Drinks Company Starslush
The Original Candy Company Ltd The Natural Candy Shop products
Thorntons plc Thorntons products
Tricky Treats Tricky Treats products
Tropical Wholefoods Tropical Wholefoods products
Typhoo Tea Ltd Typhoo Tea products
Vimto Soft Drinks Vimto products
Panda drinks
Sunkist drinks
Whitby Seafoods Ltd Whitby Seafoods products
Wholebake Wholebake products
9Bar products
Wholehog Sausage Company Ltd Wholehog Sausage Company products
Yellison Farm Goats Yellison Farm Goats products
Yeo Valley Farms (Production) Limited Yeo Valley Organic products
Ubley Products
Rocombe Farm products
Guilty products
Yorvale Ltd Yorvale products
Zeina Foods Ltd Zeina Foods products
Zipvit Project ZV products