Raw poultry packaging advice

Last updated:
25 November 2014
raw chicken
It’s extremely unlikely that someone could become ill from contact with raw poultry packaging alone. Our advice on packing raw meat and fish should be followed to help prevent germs from spreading to ready-to-eat foods.

Raw meat and fish can contain germs that cause food poisoning. Packing raw meat and fish with ready-to-eat foods – bread, salads, cooked meats and cheese for example – can lead to the germs spreading, especially if there are any spillages or leaks from the raw meat or fish packaging.

When packing raw meat and fish there are some important tips to remember, to help prevents germs from spreading to ready-to-eat foods:

  • pack raw meat and fish separately from ready-to eat food, in separate bags
  • if your bags are reusable, keep one or two to use just for raw meat and fish, and do not use them to carry ready-to-eat foods
  • reusable bags and single use carrier bags should be disposed of if there has been any spillage of raw meat juices, even if the bag looks clean

For more food safety tips visit the NHS Choices website, which can be found via the ‘External sites’ link on this page.