Report of the Study of Infectious Intestinal Disease in England

Last updated:
10 September 2001
The Infectious Intestinal Disease (IID) study was set in motion by the recommendation of the Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food in 1989, with the aim of establishing the 'true incidence' of infectious intestinal disease in the community.

The Infectious Intestinal Disease (IID) Seminar and Workshop

The Infectious Intestinal Disease (IID) Seminar and Workshop was a one day meeting held in Central London on 28 February 2000.

The event was by invitation and the audience consisted of persons with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, including Government representatives, GPs, practice nurses, clinical scientists, lecturers, veterinary advisors and epidemiologists.

Speakers were from the IID executive committee, and presented the main findings of the study, which included, rates of IID in the community, results of microbiological investigations, risk factors for IID, socio-economic effects and the long-term follow up to the IID study. The Seminar also invited two speakers from the Netherlands and the United States to give presentations on studies of IID in those countries. This gave the audience an international perspective on IID.

The event also included four workshop sessions, which were run in tandem, and were intended to be discussion forums for identifying the main implications of the study and how its findings should be taken forward, including priorities for future IID surveillance and research.

For a transcript of the days events, see below.