Radiological Habits Survey

Radiological Habits Surveys are carried out to determine habits and consumption patterns of people living, working and pursuing recreational activities in the vicinity of nuclear licensed sites. The surveys, which include food consumption data, gather information from interviews conducted with members of the public to determine possible factors that may influence their radiation exposure.

The results are used in assessing the risks from exposure to radiation around the nuclear site in question.

Survey reports can be found in the publications on the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science website

About exposure to radiation

Members of the public may be exposed to radiation as a result of the operations of UK nuclear licensed sites, and this might be either through permitted discharges of radioactive substances into the local environment or from radiation emanating directly from those sites.

The Food Standards Agency has responsibilities for ensuring that any radioactivity present in food does not compromise food safety and that permitted discharges of radioactivity from UK nuclear licensed sites do not result in unacceptable doses to consumers via the food chain.