Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker survey May 2014

The FSA conducts a tracking survey among consumers, in order to monitor changes in consumer attitudes towards the FSA and food-related issues.

The survey covers five main areas:

  • awareness of the FSA and its responsibilities
  • trust in the FSA
  • food-related concerns
  • awareness of hygiene standards in eating establishments
  • awareness of initiatives or schemes concerning hygiene standards

The survey has monitored people’s attitudes since 2001. In spring 2010, research was carried out to help redevelop the tracker survey methodology and questions, so the survey now runs on a biannual basis. The report of this research and a follow-up report, which tested the revised questions can be viewed in the ‘see also’ section on the right.

The latest wave of the redeveloped tracker survey, carried out in May 2014, can be found in the 'related items' link below.