Good practice guidelines for scientific advisory committees

Last updated:
22 May 2012
The Agency’s scientific advisory committees have drawn up good practice guidelines to assist them in their work. These guidelines are based on the Code of Practice for Scientific Advisory Committees produced by the Government Office for Science.

The code provides a framework for scientific advisory committees to operate within. It addresses all aspects of a committee's work, including its role and remit; the responsibilities of members, chairs and secretariats; working practices, publication of documents; and public consultation. The code ensures that high levels of openness and transparency are maintained throughout the vast network of relationships between scientific advisory committees and Government.

Universal Ethical Code for Scientists

The Universal Ethical Code for Scientists is a public statement of the values and responsibilities of scientists. The term 'scientists' means anyone whose work uses scientific methods, including social, natural, medical and veterinary sciences, engineering and mathematics.

The Science Checklist

The Agency has defined the governance of science as the methods by which the Board assures itself that scientific evidence is being sought, obtained, interpreted used and communicated appropriately and effectively by the Food Standards Agency.

The Science Checklist is one of the tools that has been developed to support the governance of science. It is also used to guide the Agency and scientific advisory committees.