About the FSA in Wales

We aim to be trusted as Wales' most reliable source of advice and information about food. Our sphere of influence is 'from farm to fork' - in other words, from the point where food is grown or manufactured until it arrives on your plate. We put you, the Welsh consumer, first.

The FSA in Wales' members of staff have a wide range of policy and professional expertise. Based in central Cardiff, we carry out a range of functions formerly discharged by public health and agriculture staff of the Welsh Government.

In 1999, the food safety and standards powers were devolved to the National Assembly for Wales. The FSA is accountable to both the National Assembly and, via Health Ministers, to Parliament. Working in the context of devolution has its advantages, as it means we can take into account specific Welsh needs and issues, whilst still ensuring a consistent, UK-wide approach to food safety which, of course, does not recognise political or geographical boundaries.

The Agency will protect the interests of Welsh consumers by following three core values. It will put the consumer first, be open and accessible, and be an independent voice. We carry out our work openly, and the decisions we make are open and transparent.

Key areas of work for the Agency in Wales are:

  • Protecting consumers - through effective enforcement and monitoring, working closely with Welsh Local Authorities;
  • Reducing food borne illness - working with industry and enforcers to minimise contamination, and promoting public awareness of safe food handling;
  • Ensuring food safety - for example, by contributing to UK action to ensure that chemicals to do not compromise food safety, and that BSE controls are properly enforced;
  • Supporting consumer choice - through accurate and meaningful labelling and by making publicly available information on food safety issues, survey results and enforcement activity.

Our work is overseen by the Welsh Food Advisory Committee. The Committee was established to provide advice and information to the Agency in Wales and is chaired by Dr Ruth Hussey. Open committee meetings, held every few months at locations across the country, are an example of the FSA in Wales' commitment to openness.

The Welsh Food Advisory Committee has eight other members, who each provide a wide base of knowledge of food and food-related issues. Biographies of each member can be found on this site - click on The Welsh Food Advisory Committee at the main Wales page menu.

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