Welsh language policy

Wales map
The FSA's Welsh Language Scheme describes which services we provide in Welsh and how and when these services will be provided. Our policy reflects the requirements of the Welsh Language Act 1993 and the Welsh Language Measure 2011.

The work of implementing and overseeing the Scheme and the provision of bilingual services in Wales is undertaken by the FSA's in-house Welsh Language Unit.

See below the Agency's current Welsh Language Scheme. The Scheme has been extended beyond 2012 and will remain in place until the new Welsh Language Standards are implemented. More information on standards can be found on the Welsh Language Commissioner's website.

The Welsh Language Commissioner conducted a a standards investigation in relation to the FSA's Welsh language services during the Summer of 2015 and published her recommendations in her Standards Report published in November 2015. This report outlined which Standards she believed should be made specifically applicable to the FSA.

Welsh Ministers will be expected to give due attention to the Commissioner’s conclusions in deciding whether to exercise the powers given to them (making and introducing regulations), and how to do so. A date for laying regulations before the National Assembly for Wales for Round 3 has not been confirmed yet.

Once regulations come into force, it will authorise the Commissioner to issue a Compliance Notice to the FSA. A Compliance Notice is a notice that sets out the standards with which an organisation will be required to comply, along with the days (imposition days) from which they will be required to comply.