Update on Fipronil in eggs

17 August 2017
We continue our urgent work to trace egg products which might contain Fipronil. In most cases the identified products were past their expiry date but those remaining are being withdrawn immediately. Today we have updated our withdrawal list with 14 additional products that are still within their shelf life. Most of these products have been distributed to food manufacturers and catering outlets.

Update on Fipronil in eggs

10 August 2017
Investigations into the Fipronil incident in Europe continue. We have now established that more eggs from affected farms than previously identified came to the UK. It is very unlikely that these eggs pose a risk to public health, but as Fipronil is unauthorised for use in food-producing animals we have acted with urgency to ensure that consumers are protected.

Update on Fipronil in eggs

7 August 2017
Following concerns raised in the Netherlands about a substance called Fipronil which has been used inappropriately in cleaning products on chicken farms, we have identified that a very small number of eggs have been distributed to the UK from the farms affected. Fipronil is not authorised for use as a veterinary medicine or pesticide around food producing animals.

Public Attitudes Tracker survey results published

31 July 2017
The FSA’s Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker (May 2017) results have been published. We conduct this tracking survey with consumers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, in order to monitor changes in consumer attitudes towards the FSA and food-related issues.