Safer food, better business for childminders

A 'Safer food, better business' (SFBB) pack especially for childminders. The pack gives simple, straightforward advice on food safety, including information on feeding babies and children, cooking, cleaning, chilling and looking after a child with a food allergy.

It is designed to help childminders:

  • make safer food
  • protect the health of the children they look after
  • comply with food hygiene regulations

You can choose to download either:

  • a full-colour version of the full pack in pdf format
  • a print-friendly version of the full pack in pdf format

The print-friendly version contains all the information that can be found in the full-colour version but is easier to print. It also allows you to electronically complete the safe method sections, prior to printing.

The print-friendly pack is also laid out in a user friendly section-by-section format below, which allows you to print only the sections which you need.

Who is this pack for?

This pack is for registered childminders or childcarers on domestic premises who usually provide meals and drinks for the children in their care.

If childminders provide meals, snacks or drinks (apart from mains tap water) for children or babies and/or reheat food provided by a parent/carer, or cut it up, they must now comply with food safety and hygiene regulations. ‘Safer food, better business for childminders’ will help them do this.

If you are not sure whether this pack is suitable for you, contact the environmental health service at your local authority for advice.

How to use this pack


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