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MenuCal - Calorie and allergen tool

MenuCal is a free online tool to help your food business manage allergen information and calculate calories in the food you serve.
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About MenuCal

MenuCal can help your food business comply with legislation on the 14 main allergen ingredients in food, and provides you with the knowledge to help you offer healthier food choices for your customers. The tools supports government strategy to create ‘A Fitter Future for All’, tackling overweight and obesity issues in Northern Ireland.

Allergen information

Currently, the law requires you to declare if any of the food served contains the 14 main allergens. These range from widely known ingredients such as peanuts and milk, to less widely recognised allergens including mustard and lupin seeds, which are often used in flour.

Businesses using MenuCal can be assured that the information they have to provide is correct and as a result consumers can feel more confident to ask about allergenic ingredients when eating out.

Calorie count

Food businesses also have a responsibility to improve consumers’ diets by helping them make healthier choices. With the help of the tool, you can calculate the energy values - kilojoules and kilocalories - of food and have the potential to increase profitability by making smarter choices about the food served.

You can change portion sizes to reduce the food’s energy value or alter the ingredients to give healthier options – with the help of MenuCal you can tailor your offering to suit your business needs.

Key features: 

  • simple and free to use
  • includes training and user demos
  • stores information safely and securely
  • confidential for user
  • can be tailored to suit each business
  • can be used on a web-enabled mobile device
  • printable documents up

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