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Food we can trust

Our job is to use our expertise and influence so that people can trust that the food they buy and eat is safe and what it says it is.

Report a food allergy, intolerance or coeliac reaction

Use this tool to tell us about a reaction or near-miss that you, or someone you care for, has had due to a food allergy, intolerance or coeliac disease.

This data will help inform future development, target research and help to produce effective government policy.

Food hygiene ratings

Food hygiene ratings help you choose where to eat out or shop for food by telling you how seriously the business takes their food hygiene standards.

Allergen labelling changes for prepacked for direct sale food

Guidance to help food businesses, affected by recent changes to allergen labelling requirements, also known as Natasha's Law. Use the toolkit to better understand how to label food products following the legislation that came into effect on 1 October 2021.

Food allergy and intolerance training

Food business operators must make sure that staff receive training on managing allergens effectively. We have free online food safety courses available to help you and your business comply with food hygiene and food standards.