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Report a food crime

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Food crime involves serious and intentional dishonesty that makes food unsafe or means food is not what it says it is. 

The main types of food crime are:

  • theft – stealing food, drink or feed products to profit from using or selling them
  • unlawful processing – using unapproved places or techniques for animal slaughter or meat preparation 
  • waste diversion – putting food, drink or animal feed that should be thrown away back into the supply chain to be reused
  • adulteration – reducing food quality by adding a substance that shouldn’t be there, to save money or fake a higher quality product
  • substitution - replacing a food or ingredient with another substance that is similar but lower in quality
  • misrepresentation - marketing or labelling a product to wrongly advertise its quality, safety, origin or freshness
  • document fraud – using, making or having false documents as part of a plan to sell or promote a fake or substandard food product