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Report a food safety or hygiene issue

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How to report a food safety or hygiene issue

You can report a food problem in a restaurant, a food shop or with food ordered online to the local authority where the business is located. The local authority's food safety team will investigate the issue and take any appropriate action. Use this service to find contact details of the food safety team.

What you can report

You can report:

  • suspected food poisoning
  • a foreign object found in your food
  • dirty premises
  • poor hand hygiene
  • poor food handling
  • food with visible signs of mould or decay
  • food sold past its use-by date
  • unavailable or incorrect allergen information

Complaints about poor-quality food and poor customer service should be made directly to the business or the ordering platform. This includes:

  • problems with payments and refunds
  • late, incorrect or missing takeaway delivery

For advice about your consumer rights, see the Citizens Advice website.

Find a food safety team

Please enter a postcode to find the food safety team in the area.