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  • FSA Board decision on raw milk

    Wednesday 23 July 2014

    The FSA Board has today asked for the FSA to maintain the current regulations controlling the sale of raw milk, while further evidence is gathered to allow board members to make a final decision on whether to revise the rules.

  • FSA Board meeting: 23 July 2014

    Wednesday 23 July 2014

    Today's open Board meeting was held at Aviation House, London. The meeting was chaired by FSA Chair Tim Bennett.

  • No horse meat found in latest industry and EU testing

    Tuesday 22 July 2014

    The latest round of industry and European Union (EU) testing published today found no horse meat DNA in meat products at or above the 1% reporting threshold.

  • Public attitudes tracker results published

    Friday 18 July 2014

    The results from the FSA’s Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker for May 2014 have been published.

  • Views sought on chia seeds

    Monday 14 July 2014

    A company has asked the FSA's expert advisers on novel foods to consider an application for chia seeds to be approved for use in the European Union (EU) under the simplified approval procedure. Views are wanted on the independent expert committee’s draft opinion.

  • FSA Board to consider proposals for the sale of raw or unpasteurised milk

    Friday 11 July 2014

    The FSA Board is being asked to consider new proposals for the sale of raw, or unpasteurised, milk. These would include exploring the scope for wider access to raw milk, including limited sales from vending machines in shops, and changes to hygiene controls.

  • Revised E.coli O157 control of cross-contamination guidance published

    Wednesday 9 July 2014

    The FSA E.coli O157 control of cross-contamination guidance has been revised and updated to take into account the results from independent research into the effectiveness of disinfecting complex equipment, and the views of industry and local authority stakeholders. The aim of the guidance is to ensure that businesses manage the risk to consumer health from the presence of E.coli in food.

  • Food and You Waves 1 and 2: secondary data analysis published

    Tuesday 8 July 2014

    FSA survey data indicates that socio-demographic variables such as age, gender and ethnicity are associated with reported food safety practices, but socio-economic variables such as income, education and housing tenure, are not. A report, which is published today, details secondary data analysis exploring domestic food safety practices using FSA Waves 1 and 2 Food and You data.

  • Get involved in an international initiative on next generation sequencing

    Monday 7 July 2014

    The FSA, with help of colleagues from Fera, is organising the next Global Microbial Identifier (GMI) meeting on 11-12 September 2014. You are invited.

  • New Safe Smoked Fish Web Tool launched

    Monday 7 July 2014

    All UK businesses producing smoked fish now have access to a free web tool, which can help them make their food safer for consumers.

  • New scheme recognises compliant feed businesses

    Thursday 3 July 2014

    The Food Standards Agency, in collaboration with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), has finalised agreements that further extend earned recognition to the animal feed sector. This will reduce the number of inspections for certain feed businesses, based on risk.

  • FSA Annual Report of Incidents published

    Monday 30 June 2014

    The Food Standards Agency has today published its latest Annual Report of Food Incidents. The report highlights the wide range of incidents we have managed during 2013. Last year, a total of 1,562 food and environmental contamination incidents in the UK were reported to and investigated by us. This figure was 42 down on 2012 but higher than in many previous years.