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FSA Board & Business Committee Meeting - June 2022

FSA Business Committee Meeting - June 2022: Agenda and Papers

Agenda and papers for the FSA Business Committee meeting on 15 June 2022 at The Core, Bath Lane, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE4 5TF.

Last updated: 7 June 2022

The FSA Business Committee Meeting follows the FSA Board meeting.

The agenda for this meeting includes:

  • Performance and Resources Q4 2021-22.
  • Local Authority Performance Update.
  • Veterinary Resourcing Update.
  • Risk Analysis Process Update.
  • Regulated Products Service Update.

14:10 - Chair's Introduction

Professor Susan Jebb presents the minutes and actions from the previous FSA Business Committee meeting in March 2022.

FSA 22-06-13 - Minutes of the FSA Business Committee Meeting on 9 March 2022

FSA 22-06-14 - Actions Arising – Business Committee

14:15 - Chief Executive’s Report to the Business Committee

Emily Miles presents the Chief Executive's report to the FSA Business Committee.

FSA 22-06-02 - Chief Executive's Report to the Business Committee

14:35 - Performance and Resources Q4 2021-22 (FSA 22/06/16)

Tara Smith presents Quarter 4 2021-22 performance and resources update covering, Foodborne disease; FSA Sampling activities; the
Food Hygiene Rating Scheme; and the Civil Service People Survey 2021.

14:50 - Local Authority Performance Update (FSA 22/06/17)

Maria Jennings and Michael Jackson present a paper including an update on the performance of local authorities, a proposal to amend the escalation process,  an update on the development of a framework for new performance indicators and a progress update on the Local Authority Data Collection project.

FSA 22-06-17 - Local Authority Performance Update

15:05 - Veterinary Resourcing Update (FSA 22/06/18)

Junior Johnson and Richard Wynn-Davies present a paper providing an update on the latest developments in relation to the provision of Official Controls (OCs) in abattoirs in England and Wales and the work underway to prevent service disruptions in the food chain and risks to both food safety and animal health and welfare.

FSA 22-06-18 - Veterinary Resourcing Update

15:15 - Risk Analysis Process: Update to Business Committee (FSA 22/06/19a) and Regulated Products Service: Regular update to Business Committee (FSA 22/06/19b)

Rebecca Sudworth and Peter Quigley present these two papers on risk analysis activity and the current status of the regulated product service including a set of key performance indicators to assist with measuring the performance of the service as requested at the March 2022 Business Committee meeting.

FSA 22-06-19a - Risk Analysis Process Update

FSA 22-06-19b - Regulated Products Service: Regular Update to Business Committee

15:30  - Any Other Business

15:35 - End of Business Committee