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NIFAC open meeting 9 March 2016

Northern Ireland specific

Open meeting of the Northern Ireland Food Advisory Committee (NIFAC) at the Innovation Centre at CAFRE's Loughry Campus on 09/03/2016.

Last updated: 15 February 2018
Last updated: 15 February 2018


1.00pm – Welcome and introductions

1.10pm – Minutes of the meeting of  20 January 2016

1.15pm – Chair's report and Director's update

1.30pm –  FSA Innovation Plan

2.00pm –  Stow Project Phase 2 – Sustainable Funding Model Project Scope

2.30pm –  Campylobacter Reduction: Update on Progress and Next Steps

3.00pm –  Local Authority Team Update

3.30pm –  AoB

3.35pm –  Close


Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland