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Export of unauthorised feed additives to countries outside the EU

How to export feed additives not authorised for use within the EU to other countries.

Feed additives not authorised for use within the EU may be exported outside the EU if certain requirements are met. These conditions will also apply if you are re-exporting any imported substances.

Countries outside of the EU are known as 'third countries'. 

Feed additives which are not authorised for use within the EU or feeds containing unauthorised additives can be exported to third countries if they:

  • comply with the legislation of the third countries
  • are expressly permitted by third country competent authorities

When exporting unauthorised additives or feed containing unauthorised additives outside of the EU but using countries within the EU, the competent authority needs to be informed.

Countries within the EU can be known as member states. This allows them to carry out checks to make sure that additives or feed don't go into the feed chain in the EU. This is detailed in Regulation (EU) 2017/625 on official controls and other official activities.

Actions for feed businesses

Feed businesses exporting feed additives or feeds containing unauthorised additives (including premixtures) to countries outside of the EU need to apply some set requirements.

You must have confirmation that additives are permitted by the importing third country under its legislation or will be permitted by the third country competent authority. This must be confirmed before the export takes place.

You need to keep a record of these confirmations so that UK enforcement authorities can check that the necessary confirmations have been received.

If unauthorised additives are exported via other Member States, let us know.

Details of the product that you need to provide to us are:

  • name and type of product - including details of the unauthorised additives
  • batch number
  • quantity
  • date of despatch
  • point of exit from the UK
  • country of final destination outside the EU (third country)
  • the name of the intermediary Member States
  • points of entry in the intermediary Member States and the in the final destination (third country)

Details of the establishment in the third country that receives your product will need to include:

  • business name
  • contact name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • email address

Details of the establishments in member states that may be acting as intermediaries that you need to provide to us are:

  • business name
  • contact name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • approval or registration number

These details should be notified to:

Animal Feed Branch

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate should be contacted regarding the export of unauthorised specified feed additives.

Northern Ireland

Information for all exports of unauthorised feed additives can be found on the Department for Agriculture and Rural Development (DEARA) website.