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Making the most of your business’ rating

Our toolkit helps your food business get the most out of your food hygiene rating. We provide imagery guidance, downloadable resources and banners you can use for your website.

We provide ideas on how to promote hygiene standards and help increase the numbers of customers who come through the door or order online.

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Get inspired

Better food hygiene and standards means both businesses and consumers benefit from our Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS).

Using FHRS imagery

We want food businesses to benefit from the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) and make the most of their food hygiene rating. In addition to displaying the rating in your window or on your door, you can capitalise on a good rating by including it in your promotional activity and materials such as on websites, flyers, social media posts and printed menus.  To help with this, downloadable versions of the FHRS imagery are provided in the links below. 

The FHRS imagery and the FSA logo (together the “Imagery”) are protected by registered UK trademarks and other intellectual property rights and are owned and controlled by the FSA. 

To ensure that the public is not confused or misled the rules below must be followed at all times whenever the Imagery is used:

  • The Imagery must not be altered or amended without our prior written permission. Permission for any change can be sought from the Food Standards Agency by contacting
  • The FHRS visual elements and the FSA logo are an integral part of the Imagery design. They may be used as part of promotional activity as described above and must not be used in any other way without our prior written permission.   Permission for such other use can be sought from the Food Standards Agency by contacting 
  • The use of the Imagery in any promotional activity and materials is not and must not be presented in any manner that might be seen as the FSA’s endorsement of any individual food business, chain of food businesses, website, online application or other activity.
  • A food business must only use images of its current food hygiene rating. Should the rating of any food business change at a subsequent inspection only images of the new rating must be used, and any images of previous ratings must immediately be updated or removed from all promotional activity and materials in which they feature. 

Failure of a food business to use the correct rating issued is a breach of these rules and may be an offence. The FSA may immediately terminate your permission to use the Imagery as a result of that or any other breach of these rules. 

The FSA may grant, withhold or make conditional its permission for any of the above at its sole discretion. All other rights are reserved in full.

The FSA may amend these rules at any time. Amendments will be posted here. Please check this page regularly. By continuing to use the Imagery you will be agreeing to the amendments. If you do not agree you must stop all use.    

By downloading and/or using the FHRS Imagery each food business expressly accepts and agrees to comply with these rules in full.

FHRS stickers

FHRS stickers include the trademarked Imagery and are subject to all the rules above but are issued only by local authorities operating the scheme. Stickers must not be acquired from any other source, to do so would mean a breach of the rules stated above. Food businesses are reminded that displaying or using an invalid rating in any promotional activity or material is a breach of the above rules and our rights. If you breach the above rules and/or our intellectual property rights, we may require you to stop using the Imagery immediately but that does not prevent us from taking legal action. 

It may also constitute an offence under trading standards legislation, for example under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. In Northern Ireland it is an offence under the Food Hygiene Rating Act (NI) 2016. In Wales it is an offence under the Food Hygiene Ratings (Wales) Act 2013. 

Download Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Imagery

Here is where you can download the artwork for FHRS stickers, website banners, and logos.

How to display a rating online

We provide a selection of food hygiene rating images to display on your online digital services, including on websites, apps, social media and emails.  

To get the online rating for your business, go to your individual page within our search tool .  There you will find a link to the downloadable images where your specific rating can be accessed. 

Guidance is available on how to apply best practice when it comes to displaying your rating online and across social media. 

Download online display rating images (Opens in a new window) for your website or social media platforms.  

Downloads for local authorities, and example leaflets

England and Northern Ireland

    Leaflets for consumers and food businesses