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Identifying activist consumers of food (March 2016)

This research was conducted in three stages:

  • Desk research and social listening to identify the most engaging key topics and the consumer profiles interacting with them
  • Social profiling and primary qualitative research to identify the behaviours and attitudes of consumers who are engaging with food topics, with a view to building a number of consumer typologies (distinct type of activist food consumer)
  • Analysis of relevant behavioural change theory to identify a possible logic model (sequence of steps from passive to active) for activist consumers

Research report

Consumer research to inform the development of the FSA strategy 2015-2020 (January 2014)

We completed an omnibus survey of 2,060 adults to help us identify the most important food-related consumer concerns. After the omnibus survey, we held a number of citizens' forums. These forums:

  • let us explore consumers’ interests in depth
  • enabled consumers to deliberate on complex or challenging issues
  • let us capture strength of feeling in relation to a comprehensive list of consumer concerns 

The list was based on a review of past research including the Food and You survey; our biannual tracker survey and previous citizens’ forums.