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FSA board meeting: 5 December 2018

It was chaired by the Food Standards Agency Chair Heather Hancock. It will be available as a video-on-demand within the next few days.

The agenda included discussion on these items:

  • Incident management post-EU exit
  • Surveillance
  • Regulating Our Future - Review of delivery of food standards official controls and next steps annual incidents and resilience report
  • Risk analysis
  • Raw drinking milk triggers
  • Updates from the Science Council

A full agenda and published papers can be viewed in the board meeting section of our website.

The business committee meeting is available to view live.

Join the Northern Ireland Food Advisory Committee


NIFAC acts as an advisory body to the FSA in Northern Ireland. Its role is to advise on food safety and standards issues. The Committee is chaired by the Northern Ireland member of the FSA Board.  

The role

The role involves a time commitment of 21 days per annum, including committee meetings and preparation time. It attracts a remuneration of £5,319 per year (non-pensionable). 

We are particularly interested in applications from those with experience in nutrition, social or behavioural science and education. Applications are also welcome from young people, members of ethnic minorities and people with disabilities as these groups are currently underrepresented in the Committee.

Appointments are normally made by the Minister for Health, or in the absence of a Minister, the Permanent Secretary for the department and are for a three-year term.

Full details of the position, including criteria required for appointment, can be found in the application pack.

How to apply

Download the application pack and send the application form to the address below.

Alternatively, you can request an application pack from:

Seth Chanas
Food Standards Agency Northern Ireland
10 a-c Clarendon Road
Belfast, BT1 3BG
Tel 028 9041 7762 or email

The application form should arrive at the above address no later than 5.00pm on the 6 February 2019.

Application pack

CPA NI Guidance 



Avoid the unwanted gift of food poisoning this Christmas

To save you and your loved ones from a nasty bout of food poisoning over the holidays, follow our advice:  

  1. When Christmas food shopping, take enough bags with you so that you can separate out raw and ready-to-eat foods to avoid cross-contamination. 
  2. Check the guidance on your turkey to ensure you have enough time to fully defrost it – it could take as many as 4 days. 
  3. Don’t wash raw turkey - it just spreads germs further by splashing them onto your hands, clothes, utensils and worktops. 
  4. To work out the cooking time for your bird, read the instructions on the packaging. Check that: the meat is steaming hot throughout, there is no pink meat visible when you cut into the thickest part and meat juices run clear. 
  5. Whether you cooked your turkey from frozen or fresh, your turkey leftovers can be used to make a new meal (such as a turkey curry). This new meal can then be frozen, but make sure you only reheat it once. 

Adam Hardgrave, Head of Foodborne Disease Control at the Food Standards Agency, said:

'The four Cs of food hygiene: Chilling, Cleaning, Cooking and avoiding Cross-contamination are important throughout the year, but especially at Christmas. 

'In the flurry of preparing the Christmas meal, it’s important to plan ahead and allow plenty of time. Remember that an average-sized turkey can take 4 days to fully thaw in the fridge. It is vital to thoroughly cook your turkey so that the meat is steaming hot, there is no pink meat visible, and that the meat juices run clear. 

'Cooking a Christmas roast for a large gathering can be a challenge. The turkey, or other meat of the meal, should be stored, defrosted and cooked correctly. Likewise, leftovers from Christmas need to be reheated and consumed within specific timeframes in order to avoid food poisoning.'

Visit Season's Eatings for more Christmas food safety advice. 

Welsh Food Advisory Committee 10 January 2019

Agenda and Papers

Welsh Food Advisory Committee Meeting

10:00-10:15 (15 mins) Registration and coffee     
10:15-10:20 (5 mins) Minutes of last open meeting

10:20-10:35 (15 mins) Chair's Report

10:35-10:50 (15 mins) Interim Director's Report

10:50-11:45 (55 mins) Open Discussion - Allergens

Areas to explore:

  • What is the pattern of food allergies or intolerances in Wales. Does it differ to other parts of the UK in distinct ways?
  • What are consumer and stakeholder concerns?
  • Welsh and Welsh language social media insights surrounding allergens.
  • What is the provider landscape for 'free from' foods in Wales?
  • Does the regulatory approach adopted in each country appear to make a difference to the protection and interests of food allergic consumers?
  • Any other relevant aspects?

11:45 Close of open meeting