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Private Water Supply: Guidance

Guidance for enforcement officers to assist food business operations determine the use of appropriate water supplies in primary production operations on-farm.

Crop guides on pesticide residue minimisation

The Agency recognises that consumers want pesticide residues reduced further than the current safe levels. As part of the Agency's action plan to minimise pesticide residues in food, guides have been produced on five crops grown in the UK (apples, pears, cereals, potatoes and tomatoes).

Managing farm manures for food safety: Guidance

Guidance for growers of ready-to-eat crops. The guidance explains how to manage farm manures by developing safety plans that will reduce the risks of microbiological contamination of ready-to-eat crops.

Mycotoxins in foodstuffs sampling guidance

The guidance provides an overview of EU/UK food safety legislation and describes the official sampling methods for commodities/foodstuffs for which there are EU maximum limits for mycotoxins.