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Guidance on re-enforced checks on seafood

The purpose of these guidelines are to explain the interpretation and implementation of the specific procedures applying to the re-enforced checks (REC) requirements carried out on seafood, under Council Directive 97/78/EC.

Mewnforio bwyd wedi’i arbelydru

Yn y DU, yr awdurdodau lleol a’r awdurdodau iechyd porthladdoedd sy’n gyfrifol am reoli bwydydd wedi’u harbelydru sy’n cael eu mewnforio, gan gynnwys cyflawni profion priodol. Gellir mewnforio bwydydd penodol sydd wedi’u harbelydru i’r DU ar yr amod eu bod yn bodloni rheolau penodol.

Importing irradiated food

In the UK, local authorities and port health authorities are responsible for controlling imports of irradiated foods, including appropriate testing. Certain foods that have been irradiated may be imported into the UK, as long as they comply with certain rules.