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Food Standards Manual

The Food Standards Manual provides a reference to Welsh food composition and food labelling legislation.

Wine labelling guidance

Guidance for importers, wholesalers and winemakers on wine labelling. This includes labelling wine produced in the UK, European Union (EU) and non-EU countries (also known as 'third countries'), allergen labelling and the display of bottler's details.

Labelling and Composition of Meat Products guidance

Commission Directive 2001/101/EC amends the Food Labelling Directive (2000/13/EC), and introduces a European generic definition of meat for the purposes of labelling. The definition puts meat ingredient declarations in meat products on the same basis throughout the European Union, providing consumers with consistent and more transparent information.

Labelling of added ingredients in MPR Reg 5 meat products: Guidance

This is a guide to regulatory compliance incorporating guidance on best practice relating to the labelling of added ingredients in meat products which have the appearance of a cut, joint, slice, portion or carcass of meat or of cured meat, whether cooked or uncooked. In this guidance such meat products are referred to as appearing like 'whole meats'.