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Transportation of warm (above temperature) meat

The FSA’s revised policy on the transportation of warm (above temperature) red meat of cattle, goats, pigs, sheep and other domestic ungulates from the slaughterhouse applies from 2 March 2015. This means it is necessary for food business operators at slaughterhouses to discuss with the Official Veterinarian all applications for new authorisations or changes to existing authorisations.

Meat Industry Guide (MIG)

Guidance to assist UK meat plant operators whose premises require approval and veterinary control under the European Union Food Hygiene Regulations.

Cludo cig cynnes (uwch na’r tymheredd)

Mae polisi diwygiedig yr Asiantaeth Safonau Bwyd (ASB) ar gludo cig coch (uwch na’r tymheredd) sy’n deillio o wartheg, geifr, moch, defaid a charnolion domestig eraill o’r lladd-dy yn gymwys o 2 Mawrth 2015. Mae hyn yn golygu bod yn rhaid i weithredwyr busnesau bwyd mewn lladd-dai drafod â’r Milfeddyg Swyddogol pob cais am awdurdodiad newydd neu unrhyw newidiadau i awdurdodiadau presennol.

Cleaner animals: cattle, sheep and poultry

If you present cattle and sheep for slaughter, you must to ensure the animals meet acceptable levels of cleanliness. If you manage a broiler farm, make sure you have good biosecurity. It's essential to protect your birds.

Charges for official controls in meat premises ('The Charges Guide')

The Food Standards Agency provides a range of services in approved meat premises across Great Britain. Some of these services are currently paid for by other Government departments, for example, checks on animal by product controls. Other services are charged to food business operators (FBOs).

Labelling and Composition of Meat Products guidance

Commission Directive 2001/101/EC amends the Food Labelling Directive (2000/13/EC), and introduces a European generic definition of meat for the purposes of labelling. The definition puts meat ingredient declarations in meat products on the same basis throughout the European Union, providing consumers with consistent and more transparent information.