Safer food, better business for caterers

This food safety management pack has been developed to help small catering businesses such as restaurants, cafés and takeaways comply with food hygiene regulations.

You can choose to download either:

  • a full-colour version of the full pack in pdf format
  • a print-friendly version of the full pack in pdf format

The print-friendly version contains all the information that can be found in the full-colour version but is easier to print. It also allows you to electronically complete the safe method sections, prior to printing.

There is also an introduction explaining how to use the pack.

The print-friendly pack has also been laid out in a user friendly section-by-section format below, which allows you to print only the sections which you need.

Using the diary section

You can print out the new print-friendly version of the diary refill separately if you only need that part of the pack. This new version can be filled electronically and allows you to download the diary pages onto your computer desktop, fill them in, name them for the appropriate month and year and store them electronically, if you prefer.

No matter which format you choose to use, you should store all your completed diary pages safely until your next visit from a local authority enforcement officer. He or she may want to look at your diary pages. During the visit, check with the enforcement officer how long he or she wants you to keep your diary pages.

New businesses

If you are registering as a new food business, you can contact your local authority, who has an allocation of SFBB for caterers packs for new businesses only. Find the contact details of your nearest local authority.

More about the pack

This pack has been developed by the Food Standards Agency, working with catering businesses, to be practical and easy to use. Using this pack will help you to:

  • comply with food hygiene regulations
  • show what you do to make food safely
  • train staff
  • protect your business's reputation
  • improve your business, such as by wasting less food.
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