Safer food, better business

Safer food, better business (SFBB) helps small businesses with food safety management procedures and food hygiene regulations.

SFBB packs

There are a number of SFBB packs available that are designed to meet the specific needs of different food businesses, which can be downloaded and printed from the links below.

Need a pack or diary refill?

We have provided the information in our SFBB packs in PDFs (Portable Document Format) for you to download and use. This type of file compresses information in a small size that is easier to email and download. To ensure that you have no trouble printing or using the PDFs in this section, please ensure that your computer is installed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can get this as a free download from the Adobe website.

To get started with SFBB, download the PDF you want and save it to your desktop before you start work on it. Once the PDF has been saved onto your desktop, open it up and you can then print it, or start logging in your daily safety checks and records online. Downloading files and saving them on your desktop first, will help you avoid strange symbols appearing on your printed copies.

You can print out the new print-friendly version of the diary refill separately if you only need that part of the pack. This version can be filled electronically and allows you to download the diary pages onto your computer desktop, fill them in, name them for the appropriate month and year and store them electronically, if you prefer.