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Civil Service People Survey

What the Civil Service People Survey is and our latest results.

The Civil Service People Survey is a survey conducted across Civil Service organisations. It looks at Civil Servants' attitudes to and experience of working in government departments. 

A key element of the People Survey is the 'Employee Engagement Index'. This is based on evidence of a link between highly-engaged staff, high levels of health and wellbeing, and organisational performance. 

Employee engagement is measured by nine themes (drivers of engagement):

  1. my work
  2. organisational objectives and purpose
  3. my manager
  4. my team
  5. learning and development
  6. inclusion and fair treatment
  7. resource and workload
  8. pay and benefits, and
  9. leadership and managing change

FSA People Survey 2019

The response rate to the FSA 2019 People Survey was 87% and the Employee Engagement Index was 67%. For the first time, the FSA has scored in the top 25% of participating departments, classing us as a High Performing Civil Service Department. 

This aligns us with the goal set out in our People Strategy 2017-2020, to go from a good to a great place to work, measured by achieving high performing status.

Our overall results show improvements in all nine themes, achieving our highest or equal to highest score for each theme.

We are committed to acting on the results of the People Survey through our corporate action plan which complements the local action planning process.