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Dr Philip Hollington - Welsh Food Advisory Committee member

Wales specific

Outlines the professional history and qualifications of our Welsh Food Advisory Committee members.

Dr Hollington worked in Bangor University's School of Natural Sciences and its predecessors for almost 30 years until retiring in 2019. Following a degree in Agriculture, and a PhD in Grassland Agronomy, both in Aberystwyth, he worked at the old Welsh Plant Breeding Station, where his focus was on grassland and sustainable agricultural production.

After moving north in 1989, Dr Hollington was involved in consultancy, research and teaching on more global aspects of agriculture, environment and food production. He developed and led the distance-learning MSc in Food Security in the Changing Environment at Bangor University, focused on the challenges facing sustainable food production in the light of global change and rapid advances in science and technology, and on what drives consumer and government responses and attitudes to these changes. It also looked at the conflicts between different sectors and stakeholders, and how they might be resolved.

Dr Hollington lives in Beaumaris on Anglesey, which has fostered other interests in coastal and marine ecosystems, and he also sits on the Welsh Marine Advisory and Action Group.

Personal interests

Consultancies and/or direct employment

  • Retired from Bangor University School of Natural Sciences, where he taught masters’ level courses in areas related to food security, climate change, agriculture and the environment.
  • Former member of  the Management Board of the Agrifood Training Partnership, a consortium of 8 UK universities funded by the BBSRC to provide advanced training to the UK Agrifood and environment sectors.

Fee-paid work

  • Provides occasional project screening advice to a charity – Size of Wales – focused on the protection of tropical rainforests and their communities.

  • External examiner for BASIS / FACTS courses (vocational courses for agricultural advisors and consultants) at Harper Adams University.


  • Owns shares directly held in Anglesey Mining PLC.
  • Other investments are through Unit Trusts and similar, which he does not manage directly.

Clubs and other organisations

  • Vice-Chair of Cragen Llŷn a Môn, a community stakeholder organisation representing the coastal communities of north west Wales.
  • Member of Welsh Government’s Marine Advisory and Action Group (WMAAG).
  • Member of the British Grassland Society and of the Tropical Agriculture Association.

Other personal interests

  • Dr Hollignton's wife is the Chief Executive of Dyfodol i’r Iaith, a Welsh Language lobbying organisation.

Non-personal interests


  • None

Indirect support

  • None


  • None

Land and property

  • None

Other non-personal interests

  • None